About Us

Abercrombie Custom Homes, L.P. is recognized as one of Houston’s finest builders of quality custom homes for over 38 years. Abercrombie Custom Homes has built more custom homes in the memorial area than any other builder in history. we have also built multiple homes for more than 27 families.This equates to over 265 completed homes worth over $700,000,000 in completed construction.

The reason for this success is simple. Every Abercrombie home attests to an uncompromising commitment to quality, from the use of the finest materials to the superior craftsmanship evident in every detail. Building a home is more than wood, nails, brick, and mortar; it is a statement of the homeowner’s needs, desires and dreams. It is also an expression of the owner’s discriminating taste and distinct personality. That is why we form a close partnership with each homeowner, working with them through all phases of construction to ensure a home as individually unique as they are.

We are as meticulous about the cost of an Abercrombie home as we are about the design. We appreciate the sizeable investment a home represents and take great pride in our reputation for precise bidding and cost-conscious performance at every level of operation. No other builder give the quality and value for the dollar than Abercrombie Custom Homes, L.P.

Whether our services begin during site selection, pre-construction planning or after these preliminaries, those who rely on Abercrombie Custom Homes, L.P. expect nothing but quality and attention to every detail, no matter how large or small. That is what we strive for in every home.

Abercrombie Custom Homes, L.P has also acquired and subdivided more than seventy two million dollars worth of land in fifteen different subdivisions in the Cities of Hunters Creek Village, Bunker Hill Village, Piney Point Village, and Hedwig Village. We also developed and constructed thirty five lot Park Laureate patio home development at 10,000 Memorial Drive and the 6 lot Briar Manor patio subdivision.

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